Black Shouldered Peacocks & Peahens

Background information

Black Shouldered Peacocks and Peahens are a common and widespread mutation. The males do not differ much from their Indian Blue counterparts, but the hens have a very different appearance.

Type of mutation

Black Shouldered is a pattern mutation and is found in all the major colour types.

Black Shouldered Peacock Colouration

Males look much like Indian Blue peacocks, but instead of having shoulders of black and white barring, their shoulders are completely black with a bluish-green sheen.

Black Shouldered Peahen Colouration

Hens look quite different compared to their Indian Blue counterparts. They are white in colour overall with black splotches, and have a reddish-tan patch on their neck.

Black Shouldered Peachick Colouration

The peachicks are light yellow when hatched, with buff or peach wings. They are easily mistaken for white chicks on first seeing them. As the chicks grow and mature, the male will become significantly darker than the female.

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