Egg Hatching Service

We offer a Custom Egg Hatching Service

We always have room for eggs in our incubators. So please Contact Us if you are looking to incubate chicken, game or waterfowl eggs.  Hatching local eggs generally has a higher success rate. Eggs that travel to us through the mail do so in less than ideal conditions. We find we get a hatch rate of 25 – 50% through this method. Compare that to an 85 – 100% hatch rate in eggs dropped off directly at the farm. 
We have four incubators and usually turn the first on in around mid January. Our total egg capacity is around 7000 chicken eggs. Even with all our own eggs set, we can always find room for large or small numbers of your eggs.

Drop off eggs yourself, or have them delivered directly to us by breeders. Should you be looking for a breeder to source hatching eggs, we may be able to help through our contacts.


We charge at a per-egg rate for incubating eggs. The price is dependent on the size of the egg and its required incubation time. For example, chicken eggs take 21 days while larger swan eggs take 45 days.

Chicken eggs – 18p each
Duck eggs – 22p each
Pheasant eggs – 18p each
Quail (Bobwhite) eggs – 16p each

Chicks must be collected within 24 hours of hatching.

Please note we do not guarantee hatch rates due to factors such as fertility and occasional incubator problems, but we will do our best!

We reserve the right to change our pricing at any time without notice. However any orders taken before a price change will be honoured.

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