Peacocks and Peahens For Sale

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We have Peacocks, Peahens, Bobwhite (Coturnix) Quail, Japanese Quail and Turkeys for sale as listed below. If you are interested in buying from us simply fill in the form on the Contact Us page, or email us. Please tell us which bird(s) you are looking for. 

If you are new to keeping peafowl, please read the information on our site and others. This will give you an idea of what you’ll need to give the birds a good environment so that you can enjoy them for years to come. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

Please note that credit/debit card and Paypal payments incur an additional 5% on top of the prices below, to cover fees.

Peafowl For Sale

VarietyAgePrice Per Bird
Indian Blue Peacocks1 year£85
Indian Blue Peahens1 year£100
Indian Blue Peacocks2 years£100SOLD OUT
Indian Blue Peahens2 years£120SOLD OUT
White Peacocks 1 year£95
White Peahens 1 year£105
White Peacocks 2 years£140
White Peahens 2 years£125
White Peacocks 3 years (full tailed)£220
Black Shouldered Peacocks 1 year£95
Black Shouldered Peahens 1 year£100
Black Shouldered Peacocks 2 years£100SOLD OUT
Black Shouldered Peahens 2 years£120SOLD OUT
Black Shouldered Peacocks 3 years (full tailed)£170
Indian Blue Pied Peacocks1 year£95
Indian Blue Pied Peahens1 year£100
Indian Blue Pied Peacocks2 years£100SOLD OUT
Indian Blue Pied Peahens2 years£120SOLD OUT
Spalding Peacocks (Greens)2 years£110
Spalding Peahens (Greens)2 years£120SOLD OUT
Spalding Peacocks (Greens)3 years (full tailed)£180
Cameo Peacocks1 year£120
Cameo Peahens1 year£120
Unsexed Peachicks (poults)6 – 9 weeks£38See Below
Unsexed Peachicks (poults)10 – 14 weeks£48See Below

Turkeys For Sale

Wild Turkeys – each £38

Cröllwitzer Turkeys – each £48

Quail For Sale

Bobwhite Quail – each £12
Whites, natural,

Japanese Quail – each £12
Also known as Coturnix Quail, Pharaoh Quail, or Jumbo Quail

Peachicks (available in the late summer months)

We are not able to arrange delivery of Peachicks under six weeks of age. However you are welcome to collect them at a pre-arranged time.

Peachicks are a cheaper way to buy peafowl. However you may need to keep them warm with an external heat source for up to 8 weeks. Peachicks are not as hardy as baby chickens; they can’t stand drafts or getting wet. They are also more susceptible to illness and disease. Sexing peachicks cannot be done 100% correctly until they are several months old. It will be 3 years before a cock grows his first full tail, but only two years before a hen lays her first eggs.

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