Are Full-Tailed Peacocks or any Peafowl For You?

Full-Tailed Peacocks are noisy and know no boundaries!

Before delving into the world of peafowl ownership please consider the impact these birds can have on your locale. Consult any close neighbours to gauge their sentiments before acquiring peacocks in particular; whether from us or any other source.

During mating season peacocks with full tails make considerable noise particularly in the early morning and late evening. In the case of a full moon this can persist throughout the night. The distinctive sounds they make evokes either admiration or disdain, but seldom do people acquire a taste for it. You can easily experience the captivating call of a full-tailed peacock by googling it. We love the sound of course, and in fact it’s the ringtone for my phone – I seldom miss a call!

Confining birds to (large) pens can mitigate the noise disturbance for neighbours and obviously prevents them from wandering. Peahens in particular can have unpredictable roaming and roosting patterns. Unlike chickens, peafowl are not content with merely exploring your garden. Their curiosity compels them to investigate anything happening beyond a fence. These birds can be easily startled by sudden movements or noise. They have a large strong wingspan and fly well. Regardless of the height of your walls/fences they have the ability to fly onto, and over the top of them.

White full tailed peacocks iwith a white eyed charcoal full tailed peacock

I cannot emphasise it enough! If you live near others please consult your neighbours before buying peafowl. But if after careful consideration you remain undeterred, then please read our comprehensive guide on the challenges and potential ailments. Understanding the responsibilities and challenges will ensure a harmonious coexistence with these vibrant and captivating feathered companions.

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