Are Full Tailed Peacocks or any Peafowl For You?

Full Tailed Peacocks do make a Noise and they know no boundaries!

Before I start here I am going to say this “You should always ask your neighbours what they think about you getting peafowl before you even think about ordering any birds from me or anyone else”. During the mating season full tailed peacocks do make a lot of noise. Early morning and late evening is a favourite time for this. I’ve found that most people either love the sounds they make of they hate them, but people never seem go grow to love it. Click here if you want to hear a full tailed peacocks. I have this as the ring tone on my phone! (I’ve never missed a call since I started using it and everyone else knows my phone is ringing too!) If you have your birds penned up all the time then you can shield it from your neighbours this also stops them from roaming next day. If you have peafowl they will wonder a little and I have found that hens are more prone to it than cocks. But if they are free range you have no say were they will roam or roost. It could be in your neighbour’s garden when he starts calling at 4.00am in the morning. On full moons this can go on all night. So please ask people around you how they feel about having the birds has a new neighbour and even a visitor at times.

White full tailed peacocks iwith a white eyed charcoal full tailed peacock
Full tailed peacocks inside out of the rain.

When you do let your birds out they are not going to be like your chickens and just be happy to mess around in your garden. They will want to have a good look around. Peafowl aren’t the brightest of birds. I often tell people that on the ever evolutionary ladder peafowl jumped off a couple of rungs before chickens. If something charges it can really spook them, but they are very inquisitive and soon have to see what’s going on over the fence. So to this end you must remember they will go next door to see your neighbours. It doesn’t matter how high the wall or fence is between you they will still be able to fly on to the top of it and over it. I know I’ve already said this but I’ll repeat it again now. “You should always ask your neighbours what they think about you getting peafowl before you even think about ordering any birds from me or anyone else” If I lived right next door to someone I don’t think I’d have peafowl. Not even in pens.
if the above has still not put you off keeping peafowl then you need to read my page on what you’ll need to do if you want to introduce peafowl in to your lives.

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