Lost and/or Found Peacocks and Peahens

An image of a noticeboard with a post-it note pinned to it and the words lost and found (peafowl)

If you have lost and/or found a Peacock or Peahen –

Initially, reach out to the local community through social media and word of mouth. Make enquiries to determine if anyone has lost or owns peafowl, or if anyone has spotted your bird. Peafowl are accustomed to human presence and often gravitate to familiar-looking buildings.

Contact local animal welfare organisations such as the RSPCA or animal rescue centres and check if they have any reports of lost or found birds. Unfortunately capturing or placing birds is typically beyond their scope.

Consult any nearby poultry dealers or animal feed suppliers. They may have information about lost or found birds, or be aware of places that re-home lost birds. Additionally, Ad boards at these locations will often display lost and found information.

Utilise other local media outlets to maximise visibility. Some newspapers offer free ads for lost pets. You could even contact local radio or TV stations to feature the bird as a news item.

If all else fails –

Contact us at Brow Farm. We can assist in arranging collection for birds that have been captured and boxed in advance, although there is a small charge for this service. Rest assured, we never turn away peafowl that find their way to our farm. We have a proven track record in helping to re-home unwanted birds, finding solutions without causing harm to the peafowl.

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