White Peacocks & Peahens

White Peafowl are not as common as the Indian Blues, but have increased in popularity recently. White peacocks and peahens are not albino but ‘leucistic’, and their eyes are blue rather than pink.

Type of mutation

The White Peafowl is a colour mutation, and although it can carry other genes, they are not visible because of its completely white colour.

White Peacock Colouration

The White Peacock, as their name implies are completely white. Faint eyespots can be distinguished in the train by a thin layer of off white that surrounds the ocelli (eye spots).

Full tailed white peacocks on perches along with one charcoal peacock. White peahens on the ground under.

White Peahen Colouration

The hens are completely white, again with blue eyes.

White Peachick Colouration

When first hatched, the chick is yellow in colour with white wings. White chicks are hard to sex until about one year of age when the male will develops wispy train coverts. Chicks born together can sometimes be sexed by the length of their legs though – male chicks will have longer legs.

White Peafowl Origin

It is speculated there may be a few white peafowl bred naturally in India. White was one of the first variations to be discovered and made popular, and has been around for many years.

Do they breed true?

Yes; a white cock and hen will produce all white chicks. The white gene though has incomplete dominance. So when a white bird is bred with a coloured bird, the offspring will be split to white. This will show itself by small white patches on its primary wing feathers.

Brow Farm and White Peacocks

We have had white peafowl at Brow Farm for more than thirty years now. Our first birds came from only a few miles down the road. Harry Hunter passed away in 2021 at the age of 83. He was a great friend, mentor and fountain of knowledge on peafowl, and livestock of all kinds.

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