Brow Farm Peafowl Welcomes You to look Around Our Website.

We have had Peafowl at Brow Farm for more than 40 years.

Brow Farm Peafowl started like most people with Indian Blue Peafowl then getting several different colour’s over the years. From the common blue pied peafowl and black shouldered peafowl. Then the stunning white peacocks and the majestic Java Green peafowl, and now other breeds like cameos, pied cameos, silver pied and white eyed. All beautiful birds in their own right.
With over 150 breeding birds and at the end of the breeding season more than a thousand birds of verses ages being kept at the farm. We always have peahens and peacocks for sale. Both yearlings and laying age birds in a number of colours.

One of Brow Farm Peafowl White Peacocks displaying his tail
One of Brow Farm Peafowls White Peacocks displaying his tail

So take a look around the Brow Farm Peafowl site, maybe at the descriptions and pictures of the birds we breed. Or at the peafowl problems and ailments section where I’ve tried to list some of the things I have encountered over the years. If your looking for new stock or some different coloured birds or even thinking about getting your first peafowl. Then take a look at our birds for sale page and see what we have available right now.

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