Indian Blue Peacocks and Peahens

Pavo cristatus is by far the best-known of all the peafowl. Indian Blue Peacocks and Peahens are the most commonly found peafowl here in the UK. These were the birds that early civilisations looked upon as treasures and transported throughout their known world. Today they are the least expensive to purchase and are a good choice for the beginner peafowl keeper.

Indian Blue peacock displaying his tail with an Indian Blue Peahen in front on the Peacock

Indian Blue Peacock Colouration

The Indian Blue peacock has a blue chest, neck, and head. He has green and gold feathers that appear to change colour depending on how light hits them. His train feather eye spots are bronze and “peacock blue”. while the shoulders are white and black striped.

Indian Blue Peahen Colouration

A Peahen is much less dramatic and quite drab in comparison. She is brownish-grey in colour, with a creamy white underside and greenish iridescent colouring to the neck.

Indian Blue Peachick Colouration

Peachicks resemble turkey poults in size and colouration, but stand taller at a day old.

The Origin of Indian Blue Peafowl

Indian Blue peacocks and peahens are found in the wild in India and its surrounding areas such as Burma, Java, and Malaya.

Do they breed true?

Yes, the Indian Blue is a species and not a mutation, hence they always breed true.

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