Indian Blue Pied Peacocks & Peahens

Pied means carrying two or more colours. The Pied pattern can occur in almost all varieties of peafowl. In the case of Indian Blue Pied Peafowl, the extra colour is white.

Indian Blue Pied Full Tailed Peacock

The Indian Blue Pied Type of mutation

The Indian Blue Pied variety is a pattern mutation. It is often represented in genetic crosses as TP.

Indian Blue Pied Peacock Colouration

Males resemble the regular Indian Blue peacock but are noticeably speckled and splotched with white. Exceptional birds will have white on their back and to their train.

Indian Blue Pied Peahen Colouration

Similar to the cocks, hens also carry Indian Blue colouring but have white splotches.

Do Indian Blue Pied Peafowl breed true?

No. An Indian Blue Pied X Pied cross will result in 25% white (TT), 50% pied (TP), and 25% dark pied (PP) offspring.

Dark pied offspring appear very similar to the Indian Blues, but have some white on their wing primaries. They also develop much like an Indian Blue, except for their shoulders which start white and do not completely change to black until its second year. When these birds later breed to Whites, 100% of the offspring are pied.

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