Pet Transport Boxes and Books

Pet transport boxes and bird books are available for sale through our Brow Farm Online Store.

Pet Transport Boxes

Manufactured using British quality-milled cardboard rather than cheaper imports.

These transport boxes are strong, easy to make up, and don’t need tape or staples to secure them.

Measurements –
Length 25.25inch (64.5cm)Height 12.5-inch(31.5cm)
Width 8.25-inch (21cm)

Our carriers are ideal for visits to the vet or journeys in the car for small dogs, baby chicks and anything in between. We ship peafowl, waterfowl and poultry all over the UK in these boxes.

The boxes have been designed with a handle that folds in on itself like a lock and is comfortable to carry. Air holes are incorporated around the sides and top of the box so that they can be packed side by side while still allowing good ventilation.

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An image of a brown cardboard pet carrying box with two peacocks and Brow Farm Peafowl printed on the side. Pet transport boxes and books


Bird Books

Peacocks Past and Present

Written in the UK, Peacocks Past and Present contains a wealth of information about keeping and breeding Peafowl. Egg incubation and the different peafowl colours are covered. Also included are Folk law and the history of the relationship between Peafowl and human beings. Click Here to Buy

A photo of the book Peacocks Past and Present


Keeping Quail, A Practical Guide

This book covers the history, housing, feeding, health care, incubation and breeding of quail on a small or medium scale. The book is applicable to those keeping them for pleasure, as well as for the table. Various Coturnix breeds are discussed, with details on how to provide the best living conditions. Included are Information on housing, management and on dealing with problems. Suitable for beginners as well as more experienced quail breeders, it is a great source of information. Click here to buy

A photo of the book Keeping Quail


Incubation, A Guide To Hatching & Rearing

 Incubation A Guide to Hatching & Rearing


The egg and the principles of incubation are particularly useful sections within this book. It’s suitable for beginners as well as the more experienced. Included in the rearing section are the brooder, the broody hen, homemade brooders and chick assessment. Several different species are covered and there is a useful section on problems. Click Here to Buy

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