Brow Farm’s Fox Red Labrador Retriever Gundogs

At Brow Farm, we take pride in our Fox Red Labrador Retriever gundogs, esteemed for their exceptional hunting abilities, gentle temperament, and unwavering loyalty. With a rich heritage rooted in the fields and marshes of Britain, our gundogs embody the finest qualities of the Labrador Retriever breed.

Welcome to Our Fox Red Labrador Gundogs

About the Breed

The Fox Red Labrador Retriever is a striking variation of the classic Labrador breed, distinguished by its deep red coat and keen intelligence. Renowned for their versatility, these gundogs excel in various roles, from skilled hunters retrieving game to beloved family companions.

Our Breeding Philosophy

At Brow Farm, we are dedicated to preserving and promoting the integrity of the Fox Red Labrador Retriever breed. With a commitment to responsible breeding practices, we prioritise health, temperament, and working ability in our gundogs. Each breeding is carefully planned to produce offspring that embody the breed standard and excel in both field and home environments.

Health and Care

The health and well-being of our gundogs are of utmost importance to us. We ensure that they undergo thorough health screening and receive regular veterinary care to maintain optimal health. Additionally, our gundogs are provided with proper nutrition, exercise, and socialisation to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Training and Skills

Our Fox Red Labrador Retriever gundogs are highly trainable and possess exceptional working abilities. With a natural instinct for retrieving and a strong desire to please, they excel in gundog training and demonstrate proficiency in various field activities. Whether in the field or at home, our dogs are reliable companions and cherished members of the family.

Upcoming Litters

We are excited to announce that we will be breeding one of our exceptional bitches in the summer. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming litters, including information about the breeding pair, expected due date, and availability of puppies. For prospective buyers seeking a gundog with proven lineage and outstanding qualities, our upcoming litter presents an excellent opportunity to welcome a new companion into your home.

Contact Us

For inquiries about our upcoming litters, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We welcome the opportunity to share our passion for this remarkable breed and help you find the perfect addition to your family or hunting team.

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