White Peacock & Peahens

Besides the Indian Blue peacock the white peacock are the most well known peafowl type to non-enthusiasts. Contrary to popular belief, white peacocks are not albinos, because their eyes are blue, not pink

Type of mutation:
The white peafowl is a colour mutation, and although it can carry other genes, such as the black shouldered peafowl and white-eyed, they are not visible because of its completely white colour.

Peacock Coloration:
The White Peacock, as their name implies, completely white. Faint eyespots can be distinguished in the train by a thin layer of off white that surrounds the ocelli. The actual seeing eyes of the birds are blue.

Full tailed white peacocks on perches along with one charcoal peacock. White peahens on the ground under.
White cocks on the perch and white peahens on the ground under the perching peacocks.

Peahen Coloration:
Hens are completely white, with blue eyes.

Peachick Coloration:
When first hatched, the chick is yellow in colour with white wings. White chicks are hard to sex until about one year of age (remember this if you are offered a pair that are only months old) when the male will developed wispy tail coverts, because the bird does not change colour much in its lifetime, and the white peacock and peahen look so similar. Chicks born at the same time can sometimes be sexed by the length of their legs. Males often have longer legs than the females.

It is speculated there may be a few white peafowl bred naturally in India. White was one of the first variations to be discovered and made popular, and has been around for many years.

Do they breed true?:
Yes, white bred to white will produce 100% white chicks. White is an incomplete dominant gene, so when a white is bred to a non-white the offspring will be split to white, and this will show itself by small white patches on its primary wing feathers.

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