Peacock Taxidermy

For many years if one of our birds died we’d of had to dig a hole and bury it never to be seen again. Although having a bird die is never a good thing it always seems so much worst when it was a beautiful full tailed peacock. So one day when a  black shouldered peacock died with his full train and not a mark on him I put him in a bag taking care not to damage his feathers. I then placed him in our chest freezer and started asking if anyone was interested in having the birds Stuffed! for want of a better word. Well a friend said he may know someone who would like to buy the bird for just that.

From that day on I have not had to bury any of my birds Most of them are now seen by far more people after they die than they ever were while they where alive. I know some people think this is not right but to me it’s not right that something so beautiful should be buried for no one to ever see again.
I’m proud to say that we’ve birds that have lived a full live with us and on their death have been expertly mounted and are now on display in museums and stately houses all over the UK.

Has I’m sure you’ll be aware birds do not die that often. Even though we do have over peafowl at the farm at perk times of the year. So we operate a first come first severed. So you leave your name with us and when we have any birds in the freezer we contact the name at the top of the list.

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