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Contact Brow Farm Peafowl for information about peafowl and game birds for sale on the site.

Before you contact Brow Farm Peafowl please read any information already provided on the site that you may think is relevant to your questions. While Martin is more than happy to help with any questions on problems you maybe having with peafowl or any purchases you may wish to make, but please remember he also manages the farm so may not be able to give you all the time he’d like due to other jobs going on when you phone.
You can contact Brow Farm Peafowl on a mobile phone: 07976563230 (There is no messaging service on this mobile number. So it may ring out if we are busy at the time you call) Working hours only (6am-6pm GMT)
Below are some links to other pages on the Brow Farm Peafowl website that may contain information of use to you with any questions you may have about peafowl.

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