Rainwater Recovery System

Here at ‘Brow Farm’ we like to do our small bit in helping the environment to this end we have fitted a rainwater recovery system. This is for a number of different uses on the farm. 
The one we’ll be showing you here is using collected rain water to supply good clean drinking water for our peafowl, pheasants, ducks, turkeys, partridge and quail.

Firstly we had to identified the most appropriate building to save water from. The rain water from all our biuldings roofs is already saved to our 2 acre lake, that was put in over ten years ago now to enable us to irrigate salad and vegetable crops grown on the farm.  We wanted to use a low pressure system, the same has we use for all our nipple drinkers. So we had to pick a place for the water to be stored that was the highest point on our yard and still colect enough water to keep all the livestock surplied with drinking water around year round. with an area adjacent for the storage tank. A word if warning do not assume that your building is level. We found that our building sloped away from our storage tank by 150mm. A concrete plinth for the 35,000litre storage tank was cast. The storage tank was installed.
New guttering was installed alround and a down pipe which sloped from the far end to the storage tank.
A storage shed with electric was also installed on the concrete plinth. We have two sides to our bird yard so it was decided to have two small water tanks with will enable one side or the other to be medicated.
The next trick was how to clean the water and it not let it all drain away.
Solution, a solenoid valve was fitted to the outlet of the main storage tank, particle filter, pump, UV filter, low level float switch, high level float switch, two small water tanks and control panel.
How it works, the control panel is initiated by the low level float switch which switches the UV filter on and starts a timer. This is to clean the static water in the filter. The timer then turns on the solenoid valve and pump. Water is pumped into the main water tank until the high level float switch is activated. The controls turn off the pump, solenoid and UV filer. The water is used by the birds and the level drops down the the low level float switch and it all starts again.


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