Pet Transport Boxes

Our pet transport boxes come with a strong base. Made with double-ply cardboard, they have all-round strength in the bottom and the sides. We are now more reassured that our peafowl will get to you in the best of health and are so confident that we sell them as well.

You can purchase our transport boxes at our Online Store where we also sell other animal-related products.

Pet Transport Box made from cardboard

Our Pet Transport Boxes are manufactured using British quality-milled cardboard rather than cheaper imports.

They are strong, easy to make up, and don’t need tape or staples to secure them.
Measurements –
Length 25.25inch (64.5cm)
Height 12.5-inch(31.5cm)
Width 8.25-inch (21cm)

These carriers are ideal for journeys in the car for small dogs, baby chicks and anything in-between. We ship peafowl, waterfowl and poultry all over the UK in these boxes.

The carrier folds in on itself on top to form a secure handle which is comfortable to carry. Air holes are incorporated around the sides and top of the box so that they can be packed side by side and still allow ventilation.

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