Fox red puppy called Ember at 7 weeks old

Meet Ember: Our Exceptional Fox Red Labrador Bitch

Ember, our beloved Fox Red Labrador Retriever, epitomizes the essence of her breed with grace, intelligence, and unwavering loyalty. As she approaches her sixth birthday this July, Ember stands as a testament to the finest qualities sought in a Fox Red Labrador, making her the cornerstone of our breeding program.

About Ember

Ember’s striking appearance is matched only by her exceptional temperament and natural abilities. With her dark fox red coat, tall, slim build, and robust muscle tone, she commands attention wherever she goes. Yet, it is her gentle demeanor and unwavering loyalty that truly set her apart. Ember’s calm and friendly disposition makes her a cherished member of our family and a favorite among children of all ages.

Pedigree and Working Heritage

Ember comes from a distinguished lineage of working dogs, boasting a heritage steeped in excellence and proven performance. With ancestors renowned for their skill and dedication in the field, Ember embodies the finest traits of her breed, making her a standout representative of the Fox Red Labrador Retriever.

Training and Skills

Ember’s training and skills are a testament to her intelligence, trainability, and natural instincts. Regularly utilized for rough, driven, and waterfowling tasks, she excels in both hunting and retrieving scenarios. Ember’s versatility and proficiency in the field make her an invaluable asset to our hunting team and a joy to work alongside.

Upcoming Breeding

As Ember approaches her prime, we are excited to announce our plans to breed her later this year. With her outstanding lineage, exceptional temperament, and proven working abilities, Ember embodies the qualities we seek to perpetuate in the Fox Red Labrador breed. We are committed to keeping at least one of her offspring from this litter, as Ember represents our ideal of what a Fox Red Labrador should be.

Contact Brow Farm about our Fox Red Labrador Retriever Ember

For inquiries about Ember, our breeding program, or upcoming litters, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are passionate about sharing Ember’s story and the remarkable qualities that make her a standout representative of the Fox Red Labrador breed.

Thank you for considering Ember and our breeding program. We look forward to the possibility of welcoming you into our extended gundog family.

Fox red puppy called Ember at 7 weeks old

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