Soil Health Equals Farm Wealth

Healthy Soils are the Livestock of any Farm.

Welcome to Brow Farm Ltd, where we believe the soils health is the cornerstone of our agricultural adventure. Our commitment to regenerative farming practices goes beyond conventional methods, focusing on nurturing the soil to unlock its full potential. Join us on a journey where soil health equals farm wealth, and discover how we cultivate thriving crops while enriching the land for generations to come.

Our Regenerative Farming Practices

We’ve embrace a modern holistic approach to farming, incorporating regenerative practices that prioritize soil health and vitality. Using modern science to the maximum life in our soils and produce the most nutrient dense crops possible.    To achieve this our methods include:

  1. Seed Treatment with Compost and Compost Teas:

    • We start by treating our seeds with nutrient-rich composts and compost teas, We produce these ourselves here at the farm. These provid the seeds with the essential  beneficial microbes they need for robust growth.
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  2. Sowing and Planting with Natural Boosters:

    • When sowing and planting, we enrich the soil with a blend of compost teas, sugars, vitamins, minerals, and other natural products. This infusion of nutrients promotes strong seedling development and enhances soil life, creating a fertile environment for crops to thrive.
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  3. In-Field Brix Testing and Sap Testing:

    • We regularly conduct in-field Brix testing to monitor plant sugar levels. While sap gives us the nutrient levels in a plant in much the same way we’d have a blood test. This allows us to make informed decisions and adjust our farming practices to optimize crop nutrition and yield.
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  4. Foliar Spraying with Micronutrients and Compost Teas:

    • Our commitment to soil health extends to the foliage of our crops. We utilize foliar spraying techniques to apply micronutrients and compost teas directly to the leaves, promoting nutrient uptake and enhancing plant vitality. While the compost teas and even diary products help the plant protect its self against fungal and bacterial like Blight and mildew.
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Cover Crops and Harnessing their Power

    • We understand the vital role that cover crops play in regenerative agriculture. Cover crops are an integral part of our farming practices. Helping us keep our soils covered for much of the year when there isn’t a cash crop growing in the soil, greatly contributing to soil health, biodiversity, and overall ecosystem resilience.
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Our Commitment to Sustainable Agriculture

At Brow Farm Ltd, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Our reliance should be on our customers and providing them the best quality produce we can. Not on out sourcing inputs brought on to the farm year on year to feed crop, mask diseases and kill so called pests.  By nurturing the soil and prioritizing regenerative practices, we aim to:

  • Enhance Soil Fertility: Our methods improve soil structure, increase organic matter, and enhance soil fertility, creating a resilient ecosystem that supports healthy crop growth.
  • Reduce Environmental Impact: We minimize chemical inputs and prioritize natural solutions, reducing our environmental footprint and by promoting biodiversity.
  • Support Community Health: By producing nutritious, high-quality crops, we contribute to the health and well-being of our local community.

Explore Our Regenerative Farming Practices

Ready to dive deeper into our regenerative farming practices? Explore our website to learn more about each aspect of our approach and how it contributes to soil health and farm wealth. From seed treatment to foliar spraying, we’re dedicated to growing better crops and better soils, one sustainable practice at a time.

Join us in cultivating a future where soil health equals farm wealth.