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The Importance of Soil Cover: Living Vegetation and Winter-Killed Cover

1. Raindrop Impact and Soil Compaction

A drawing showing rain drop impact damage on bare soilRaindrops may seem gentle, but their impact on bare soil can be significant. When raindrops hit the ground, they transfer energy, leading to soil particle movement and compaction. In fact, raindrops hitting bare soil have nearly the force of a hammer hitting a mound of dirt 1. Here’s why soil cover matters:

2. Benefits of Soil Cover

a. Living Vegetation (Cover Crops)

b. Winter-Killed Cover

3. Raindrop Impact Comparison


Maintaining soil cover through living vegetation or winter-killed cover is essential for soil health, erosion prevention, and sustainable agriculture. By understanding raindrop impact and implementing effective cover practices, we can protect our soils and promote long-term productivity.

Remember, healthy soils are covered all the time! 🌱🌧️


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