Unleash the Power of Liquid Fish Hydrolysate in Agriculture

Power of Liquid Fish Hydrolysate

Welcome to Brow Farm Ltd, where we harness the transformative potential of liquid fish hydrolysate to cultivate thriving crops and enrich our farming system. Dive into the world of sustainable agriculture as we explore the benefits of this natural fertilizer and its integral role in our growing practices.

What is Liquid Fish Hydrolysate?

Liquid fish hydrolysate is a nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer derived from the enzymatic hydrolysis of whole fish or fish parts. Through a natural fermentation process, the fish material is broken down into a soluble form, retaining essential nutrients, proteins, amino acids, and beneficial microorganisms.

Benefits of Liquid Fish Hydrolysate:

1. Complete Nutrient Source: Liquid fish hydrolysate provides a balanced blend of essential nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and trace minerals, promoting healthy plant growth and development.

2. Organic Matter Enrichment: Rich in organic matter, liquid fish hydrolysate improves soil structure, enhances microbial activity, and boosts soil fertility, creating a thriving ecosystem for plants to thrive.

3. Stimulates Soil Biology: The beneficial microorganisms present in liquid fish hydrolysate, such as bacteria and fungi, contribute to soil health by decomposing organic matter, fixing nitrogen, and suppressing harmful pathogens.

4. Improved Nutrient Uptake: The chelating properties of liquid fish hydrolysate enhance nutrient availability and uptake by plants, maximizing their nutrient utilization efficiency and reducing nutrient leaching.

5. Enhanced Plant Resilience: Regular application of liquid fish hydrolysate strengthens plant defenses, increases resistance to environmental stresses, and promotes overall crop resilience.

Integration into Our Growing System:

At Brow Farm Ltd, liquid fish hydrolysate plays a vital role in our holistic approach to farming. Here’s how we incorporate it into our growing system:

1. Fertilization Regimen: Liquid fish hydrolysate is applied as part of our regular fertilization regimen, either as a foliar spray or soil drench, to provide plants with a continuous supply of nutrients throughout their growth cycle.

2. Seed Treatment: Prior to sowing or transplanting, seeds or seedlings are treated with a diluted solution of liquid fish hydrolysate to promote strong root development and early vigor.

3. Companion to Cover Crops: Liquid fish hydrolysate is used in conjunction with cover crops to enhance soil fertility, improve nutrient cycling, and promote beneficial interactions between plants and soil microorganisms.

4. Biostimulant for Transplants: When transplanting seedlings into the field, a dose of liquid fish hydrolysate is applied to stimulate root growth, reduce transplant shock, and accelerate establishment.

Experience the Difference with Brow Farm Ltd:

Join us in embracing the power of liquid fish hydrolysate to nurture healthier crops, rejuvenate the soil, and cultivate a sustainable future. Explore our website to learn more about our innovative growing practices and how they can benefit your farm or garden.

Unleash the potential of liquid fish hydrolysate with Brow Farm Ltd—where nature meets agriculture, and growth flourishes.


Unlocking the Potential of Biocore Land: A Local Success Story

Join us at Brow Farm Ltd as we celebrate the remarkable achievements of our local partner, a Fleetwood-based manufacturer, in harnessing the power of Biocore Land—a liquid fish hydrolysate fertiliser crafted through the innovative process of cold hydrolysis.

Validating Soil-Enhancing Effects: In collaboration with Eurofins, a series of trials have been conducted to validate the soil-enhancing effects of Biocore Land. This liquid fish hydrolysate, enriched with a diverse array of macro and micronutrients, amino acids, trace elements, and organic matter, has been proven to rejuvenate soil health and promote vibrant plant growth.

A Sustainable Approach to Fertilisation: Biocore Land is crafted by shredding and mulching fish unsuitable for human consumption through cold hydrolysis—a process that preserves the integrity of the nutrient-rich ingredients. This organic fertiliser can be applied directly to soil as a conditioner or used as a foliar spray, offering flexibility and convenience to farmers and growers.

Proven Results in Agriculture: Trials with Biocore Land have yielded impressive results across various crops and applications. From accelerating lettuce growth to enhancing grass protein content, this natural fertiliser has consistently demonstrated its efficacy in improving crop quality and yield.

Certified by the Soil Association: As a natural agricultural product certified by the Soil Association, Biocore Land is poised to attract farmers and growers seeking sustainable solutions to enhance soil health and crop resilience. Its organic composition makes it an ideal choice for managing agricultural stresses such as drought, floods, temperature extremes, pests, and disease.

Eurofins Validation: Tests conducted by Eurofins Agro UK have confirmed the remarkable impact of Biocore Land on soil microbial biomass and organic matter content. With significant increases in microbial activity and soil fertility, this liquid fish hydrolysate stands as a testament to the potential of natural fertilisers in modern agriculture.

Join the Movement Towards Sustainable Agriculture: Experience the transformative power of Biocore Land and join us in embracing sustainable agriculture practices. Together, we can nurture healthy soils, promote vibrant plant growth, and cultivate a sustainable future for generations to come.

Unlock the potential of Biocore Land with Brow Farm Ltd—where local innovation meets agricultural excellence.

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