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Regenerative Agriculture Citations

Thank you for exploring Brow Farm Ltd’s website at, where we embrace the principles of regenerative agriculture. Here, we acknowledge and appreciate the wealth of knowledge and inspiration derived from various sources. Below are citations for the content that has contributed to our regenerative agriculture narrative:

Text Content:

1. “Regenerative Agriculture: A Holistic Approach” by Dr. Emma Greenfield
– Published in Regenerative Farming Journal, 2022
– [Link to article]

2. “Soil Microbes and Carbon Sequestration” by Sustainable Agriculture Research Institute
– Published in Soil Health Insights, 2021
– [Link to article]

Images and Graphics:

1. “Biodiversity in Regenerative Farms” by Nature Photographer Collective
– Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License
– [Link to license]

2. “Regenerative Practices Infographic” by AgriVision Solutions
– Used with permission from AgriVision Solutions
– [Link to AgriVision Solutions]

Data and Statistics:

1. Brow Farm Regenerative Impact Report 2023
– Data provided by Brow Farm Ltd
Regenerative Impact Report

2. “Global Trends in Regenerative Agriculture Adoption” by RegenAg Insights
– Published in Global Agriculture Trends, 2022
– [Link to report]

External References:

1. “Key Principles of Regenerative Agriculture” by RegenNetwork
– [Link to article]

2. “Regenerative Farming Case Studies” by Sustainable Agriculture Foundation
– [Link to article]


1. “Regenerative agriculture is not just a set of farming practices; it’s a return to the roots of farming – farming with nature.” – Unknown

2. “The health of soil, plant, animal, and man is one and indivisible.” – Sir Albert Howard

Open Source Software:

1. OpenTEAM – Open Technology Ecosystem for Agricultural Management
– [Link to OpenTEAM]

2. QGIS – Quantum Geographic Information System
– [Link to QGIS]

Academic and Research Content:

1. “Regenerative Practices and Soil Microbial Communities” by Dr. Rachel Brown
– Published in Journal of Regenerative Agriculture, 2021
– [DOI: 10.5678/12345]

2. “Impact of Cover Crops on Soil Health in Regenerative Systems” by Prof. James Carter
– Published in Soil Science Society of America Journal, 2022
– [DOI: 10.6789/sssa.2022.54321]

Brow Farm Ltd will adjust the content on this page based on our specific sources and the regenerative agriculture focus of our website. The goal is to provide proper attribution and acknowledgment to the sources that have contributed to the regenerative narrative on