Stone-Milled Rye Grain Flour

Pure Goodness: Stone-Milled Rye Grain Flour from Brow Farm Ltd

Welcome to Brow Farm Ltd, where we take pride in our heritage-inspired approach to milling premium rye grain flour using our traditional stone mill. Explore the journey of our artisan flour, crafted with care and dedication to quality.

Our Rye Grain Heritage

Our journey begins in the rolling fields of Brow Farm Ltd in West Lancashire, UK, where we grow and harvest rye grains using sustainable and regenerative farming practices. This centuries-old grain is renowned for its robust flavour, nutritional benefits, and versatility in baking.

The Art of Stone Milling

Our stone mill is the heart of our flour production process, ensuring that every batch of rye grain flour retains its natural goodness and distinct character. The slow grinding process maintains the integrity of the grains, resulting in flour that’s rich in flavour, nutrients, and texture.

Handcrafted Excellence

Our experienced artisans oversee the milling process with precision and care, from selecting the finest rye grains to achieving the perfect milling consistency. The result is flour that meets our strict quality standards and delights chefs, bakers, and home cooks alike.

Explore Our Flour Varieties

Discover the diverse range of rye grain flour varieties available at Brow Farm Ltd:

  • Whole Grain Rye Flour: Packed with fibre, vitamins, and minerals, perfect for hearty bread, rolls, and rustic baked goods.
  • Dark Rye Flour: Known for its bold flavour and distinct colour, ideal for traditional European bread, pumpernickel, and savory baked treats.
  • Organic Rye Flour: Certified organic flour for those seeking purity, sustainability, and wholesome baking experiences.

Flourishing Connections

Choosing Brow Farm Ltd rye grain flour means supporting sustainable agriculture, heritage grains, and local farming communities. Join us in promoting eco-friendly practices and enjoying the authentic flavours of tradition and innovation.

Shop Our Flour Collection

Visit our online store to explore and purchase our premium rye grain flour. Experience the difference of freshly stone-milled flour straight from our farm to your kitchen, elevating your baking creations with natural goodness and delicious taste.

Get in Touch

Have questions or need assistance? Contact Brow Farm Ltd, and our knowledgeable team will be happy to guide you in selecting the perfect rye grain flour for your baking endeavours.