Yoga bolster Filled with Buckwheat Hulls from Brow Farm

Introducing our Buckwheat filled Yoga Bolster,

A perfect blend of comfort and style for your yoga practice. The outer cover boasts a crisp white background adorned with a vibrant floral pattern, creating a harmonious and visually appealing accessory. For your convenience, we’ve incorporated a practical carry handle seamlessly sewn into one end of the cover.

Designed for versatility, the outer cover is easily removable through a full-length zipper. Inside, you’ll discover an inner case filled with organic buckwheat hulls. Tailor the support to your preference by adding or removing hulls through the zip at one end of the case.Buckwheat filled Yoga Bolster in 16 colours

Our bolster is not just an accessory; it’s a vital support system for your yoga routine. Experience enhanced grounding and support, preventing strain from overstretching. Filled with organic buckwheat hulls, it provides firm support that molds to your body shape without deteriorating over time.

Maintaining cleanliness is a breeze – the outer case is machine washable, ensuring a fresh and inviting bolster for every practice. Both the inner case and outer cover are crafted from 100% organic cotton, promoting a natural and eco-friendly yoga experience.

Handcrafted with care by Brow Farm Ltd in Lancashire, our Buckwheat Yoga Bolster is filled and made to perfection. Straight from the farm to your doorstep, it’s a commitment to quality and comfort.

Size: 24cm x 62cm
Average weight: 4.5kg

Elevate your yoga experience with our Buckwheat Yoga Bolster – where comfort meets craftsmanship.

•Natural Support: Organic buckwheat hull filling offers firm and natural support for yoga poses and meditation practices.

•Customizable Comfort: Moulds to body shape for personalized support; adjustable firmness by adding or removing hulls.

•Durable Construction: Sturdy 100% cotton outer and inner covers ensure longevity and withstand regular use and washing.

•Versatile Design: Suitable for various yoga styles, meditation, relaxation, and daily body support activities.

•Convenient Features: Easy-to-remove outer cover with a strong zip for cleaning; convenient carry handle for portability.

•Eco-Friendly Choice: Made with organic materials and sustainable farming practices, appealing to environmentally conscious customers.

•Handcrafted Quality: Meticulously filled and made with care, ensuring consistent premium quality for enhanced yoga practice.