Brand Guidelines of Brow Farm Ltd

Brow Farm Ltd Brand Guidelines

 1. Introduction

Welcome to Brow Farm Ltd’s Brand Guidelines. This document is designed to provide clear and comprehensive guidance on how to represent our brand consistently across various media. Consistency is key to building brand recognition and trust, and we appreciate your commitment to upholding our brand identity.

2. Brand Elements

2.1 Logo

– **Primary Logo:**
– The full-color logo with the Brow Farm Ltd name should be used as the primary logo.
– Ensure proper clear space around the logo to maintain visibility and impact.

![Primary Logo](link-to-primary-logo.png)

– Secondary Logo:
– A simplified version without the full name is available for use when space is limited.
– Maintain clarity and legibility at all times.

![Secondary Logo](link-to-secondary-logo.png)

2.2 Color Palette

– **Primary Colors:**
– Green: #4CAF50
– Brown: #8B4513

– **Secondary Colors:**
– Earthy tones may be used for backgrounds and accents, ensuring harmony with the primary colors.

2.3 Typography

– **Primary Font:**
– Font: [Font Name]
– Weight: Regular

– **Secondary Font:**
– Font: [Font Name]
– Weight: Light

3. Logo Usage Guidelines

– Maintain adequate clear space around the logo.
– Do not distort or alter the proportions of the logo.
– Ensure proper contrast to maintain visibility.

4. Color Usage Guidelines

– Use the primary colors for the majority of designs and backgrounds.
– Reserve secondary colors for accents or details.
– Ensure readability by choosing appropriate color contrasts.

5. Typography Guidelines

– Use the primary font for headlines and body text.
– The secondary font can be used for complementary text or captions.
– Ensure legibility by maintaining appropriate font sizes.

6. Photography and Imagery

– Use high-quality, authentic images that align with the brand’s values.
– When possible, incorporate images that showcase sustainable and regenerative farming practices.

7. Tone of Voice

– Our brand voice is [tone characteristics – e.g., friendly, informative].
– Use a consistent tone across all communication channels to build a recognizable brand personality.

8. Editorial Guidelines

– Follow grammar and style guidelines to ensure consistency in all written content.
– Use inclusive language that aligns with our values.

9. Contact Information

For questions or clarifications regarding the brand guidelines, please contact our marketing department at [ma*************@br******.uk].

Thank you for your commitment to upholding the Brow Farm Ltd brand identity.