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Discover the Legacy of Red Wheat at Brow Farm

Growing AC Barrie at Brow Farm in West Lancashire, UK: A Regenerative Approach to Flour Milling

At Brow Farm, nestled in the heart of West Lancashire, UK, we take pride in our commitment to regenerative agriculture and sustainable farming practices. Central to our farming ethos is the cultivation of AC Barrie, a distinguished spring wheat variety renowned for its exceptional milling properties, ideal for crafting our premium flour offerings.

Why AC Barrie?

AC Barrie stands out as a superior spring wheat variety, meticulously chosen for its exemplary milling and baking attributes. With its robust protein content and unparalleled dough strength, AC Barrie ensures the production of top-tier flour with superb baking characteristics. Its versatility makes it a staple in a myriad of baking applications, from artisanal loaves to delicate pastries.

Regenerative Agriculture at Brow Farm

Our journey towards sustainable agriculture is rooted in regenerative practices aimed at nurturing the land and fostering biodiversity. Embracing crop rotation, cover cropping, minimal tillage, and organic fertilizers, we prioritize soil health and resilience, safeguarding against erosion and enhancing biodiversity.

Why Regenerative Agriculture Matters

Regenerative agriculture is pivotal in cultivating healthy soils, vital for sustaining vibrant ecosystems and resilient crop yields. By fostering biodiversity and sequestering carbon, regenerative practices play a crucial role in mitigating climate change and preserving natural habitats.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Brow Farm is steadfast in its commitment to sustainable farming practices, ensuring the integrity of our flour while safeguarding the environment. By embracing regenerative agriculture methods, we uphold our responsibility to steward the land and nurture its bounty for future generations.

Trialling Newer Varieties of Red Wheats: Infinity and Faller

In our pursuit of excellence, Brow Farm is actively exploring newer varieties of red wheats such as Infinity and Faller. Celebrated for their exceptional milling and baking qualities, these varieties hold promise for elevating our flour offerings to new heights.

Our Commitment to Innovation

At Brow Farm, innovation drives our quest for excellence. Through the trial of innovative red wheat varieties like Infinity and Faller, we continuously strive to push boundaries and deliver unparalleled quality to our customers.

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