Our Fields

Welcome to Our Fields

A field of Linseed in full flower on a summers dayExplore the fields at Brow Farm, where we cultivate a diverse range of crops using and regenerative system with open minded thinking. Click on the links below to learn more about the crops we grow and the fields where they thrive:
1. Wheat Field: Step into our golden wheat fields and discover the foundation of many of our products, from hearty bread to wholesome cereals.

2. Barley Field: Delve into the amber waves of our barley fields on a summers day, where this versatile grain is cultivated for malting, brewing, sprouting seeds and more.

3. Oat Field: Experience the lush greenery of our oat fields, where these nutritious grains are grown for groats, wholegrains.

4. Pea Field: Wander through our pea fields (down the tramlines please!) and marvel at the vibrant green pods bursting with flavour and nutrients, destined for sprouting seeds.

5. Lettuce Field: Explore the crisp, leafy greens of our lettuce fields, where a variety of salad greens thrive under the sun and in the rain of west Lancashire, ready to elevate your salads and sandwiches.

6. Celery Field: Take a stroll through our celery fields (best not done in shorts!) and admire the tall, slender stalks of this versatile vegetable, perfect for soups, salads, and snacking.

8. Red Wheat Field: Step into our spring sown red wheat fields and walk in what makes probably some of the best bread flour grown in the UK.

7. And More: Discover even more of our fields, where we grow a wide range of crops, from colourful vegetables to fragrant herbs and beyond.


Join us as we journey through our fields of Brow Farm, where every crop is nurtured with passion and respect for the land they grow in. Experience the beauty of sustainable agriculture first hand as you explore our fields and discover the fruits of what working with mother nature can give us all .