Wild Turkey

The Wild Turkey is a beautiful bird. It has had a consistent and growing population in the back country and country side of the Eastern United States since Colonists first arrived in America. The Wild Turkey was used by early poultry farmers to create many of today’s Commercial and Heritage Turkey Breeds by crossing them with turkey breeds brought from Europe.

A group of 5 young Wild Turkey stags (Toms) 2 of the birds are displaying with their wings down and tails up and fanned out.

The Wild Turkey are excellent fliers, and you will find them in many hardwood forests, softwood forests, cultivated pastures, or agricultural fields up and down the Eastern United States. This breed is extremely hardy and can adapt to many different environments. The Wild Turkey is the most abundant and widely hunted wild turkey in North America.

Weight – Tom (stag): up to 20 pounds ; Hen: between 8-12pounds

Colour – Chestnut brown-tipped tail coverts and dark buff or chocolate brown tail tips, the Eastern Wild Turkey. The gobbler’s (stags) breast feathers are tipped in black, while other body feathers are coloured with copper or bronze metallic iridescence. The primary wing feathers have white and black bars, while the secondary wing feathers mainly have prominent white bars. At first glance they can be mistaken for a Norfolk Black.

 Breed Status – Ok

 Country of Origin – North America

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