Illness and Treatments

I have to be honest here and say that over the years I have seen  many aliments and illnesses in my birds and in other peoples birds. Weather they be peafowl, poultry and game birds.

While many problems are isolated to a species there are just has many that can be passed from one species to another.  Many birds can suffer the same aliments weather they be Call ducks or Peafowl.

I have tried to write what I know and also other information that I think may be of use to someone trying to find out more about a problem they have with their own birds.

Worms & Internal Parasites


<a title=”Oral canker (Trichomoniasis)” href=”Illness and Treatments – Brow Farm Peafowloral-canker-trichomoniasis/”>Oral canker (Trichomoniasis)


<a title=”External Parasites” href=””>External Parasites


<a title=”Blackhead Disease” href=””>Blackhead Disease


<a title=”Coccidiosis in Peafowl” href=””>Coccidiosis</a>

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