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With over a hundred-years of growing behind us

Background on Brow Farm Ltd

Brow Farm Ltd was started by Martin Caunce at the turn of the century. Having worked on the family farm for his grandfather then for his father and then with his father Philip.
When Philip Caunce stepped back from running the family farm. Martin took over and started to take farm down a new root based more on selling direct to the end user of the produce the farm produced, and looking for new markets to sell in to. Even producing new products for the farm to sell.

Taking a look at our online store is probably the easiest way to see just how varied our product range has now become. While most of our products are still either farm grow or have agriculturally produced products in them. We have not been afraid to widen our scope of products if we felt it would benefit our customers. The hand grain mills, juicers, sprouters and sauce maker being an example of this.

We know how business works

Our success is people

The people who work at Brow Farm make it what it is today, and are driving it in a direction that will keep us moving forward in the ever changing environment we live and work in.

Constant improvement

In todays world standing still is not an option. While many mis read this to mean they must grow to survive in todays world. This is not the case. It means moving with the times and taking on new ways to do business and even looking back at how things were done in the past and incorporating them into a more stainable way of producing what todays modem life style demands.


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