Thank you taking the time to look around our web site. If you go to our online store you can see some of the things that we can offer you today by ordering online. We are always growing and developing new ideas that we hope to be able to offer you first vivre the web site. So please take a good look around our farm and some of the things that are going on day to day.

We are a family run farm now in our third generation. The main crops we grow are potatoes, carrots, leeks, lettuce, cabbage, onions, cauliflower’s, parsnips, wheat, barley, and other vegetables, salads, cereals and root crops. We grow many other salads and vegetables but in smaller quantities. Using our seventy years of experience in farming and land management on the rich fertile West Lancashire soils. We grow vegetables to high standards so they reach the customer in exhalent condition. All our finished produce goes to the open market. Which means we do not sell to supermarkets. This does not however mean that our end produce is of any lesser quality or freshness.
The farm is in a small village called Holmeswood. Which is about 6 miles east of the seaside town of Southport.

Showing the farm entrance to the right.